21 URL Shortener That Pay In Bitcoin

List of 21 url shorteners that pay in bitcoin (BTC)


Do you own a blog, website, or forum? You can make money with bitcoin when you shorten url  and share it on social media platforms and on your site(s). Use a free redirect url for your affilaite offers. Here is a list of 21 url shortener that pay you in bitcoin every time a visitor or surfer clicks one of your links.

  1. http://coin.mg/
  2. http://adfoc.us/
  3. https://coinurl.com/
  4. https://www.binbucks.com/
  5. https://cpmlink.net/
  6. https://geturl.pro/
  7. http://oke.io/
  8. https://www.adyou.me
  9. http://1ink.cc
  10. http://vivads.net/
  11. http://btc.ms/
  12. https://cut-urls.com/
  13. http://adf.ly/
  14. http://ity.im/
  15. https://urlf.ly/
  16. http://bc.vc/
  17. http://urlcash.net/
  18. http://uanurl.com/
  19. https://blv.me/
  20. https://coinlink.us/
  21. https://www.are.na
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