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What is Satoshi Nakamoto meaning in Japanese?


List of Satoshi Nakamoto Meaning

Satoshi Nakamoto is an enigma. No one knows who or what Satoshi Nakamoto is but theories abound about the supposed Bitcoin creator and the meaning of Satoshi Nakamoto.

Although the name Satoshi Nakamoto has several Japanese translations, it is generally agreed that “Satoshi Nakamoto is Japanese for “Thinking clearly inside the foundation”.

Still, many Bitcoin enthusiasts, conspiracy theorists, and Bitcoin researchers have interpreted Satoshi Nakamo meaning to describe Bitcoin or its creators. Here is a list of possible Satoshi Nakamoto meanings:

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  1. Thinking clearly inside the foundation
  2. Central Intelligence
  3. An acronym for Samsung, Toshiba, and Motorola, a group of corporations (SAmsung, TOSHIba, NAKAmichi, and MOTOrola).
  4. Wise Foundation (Satoshi means “Wise” in Japanese)
  5. In This History and Philosophy (on Wikipedia)

Food for thought: One author claims that bitcoin is the first interdimensional currency for the human diaspora.

I personally like the “Wise Foundation” meaning especially since Bitcoin was created after the subprime mortgage collapse in 2008 and the worldwide recession that followed. The printing of fiat currencies and their subsequent devaluation led to a loss of confidence in government-issued currencies. In this chaotic climate, Bitcoin, the first successful cryptocurrency was born. [cryptolock]Bitcoin was possible thanks to advances in computer science and peer-to-peer networks which uses the blockchain, a public ledger of transactions where each transaction is verified by an extensive, decentralized network of computers.

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